Corporate Healthcare Solutions
UMP offers comprehensive corporate medical solutions to help companies and insurers provide best-in-class healthcare benefits.
From tailoring insurance plans and employee wellness programs to managing on-site clinics and telemedicine services, our solutions aim to improve members' health, productivity and retention while controlling costs for contract payers.
Employee benefit schemes

We design customized medical plans covering outpatient, hospitalization, maternity, dental, and other healthcare benefits for employees.

Employee health assessment & wellness service

We provide health screens, flu shots and other preventive services to keep your members healthy. Counselling, fitness programs and wellness workshops are also available.

On-site medical service management

We manage and operate on-site healthcare centers within your company premises, offering proactive, comprehensive, and coordinated care for employees without leaving the office.

Outreach medical services

We bring our mobile clinic and healthcare professionals to your office for basic medical checks, vaccinations, and provide 24-hour house-call service for hotels.

Health education events and programs

We organize seminars, talks, and trainings on health and wellness topics tailored to the needs of your workforce.

Corporate Healthcare Schemes

At UMP, we specialize in designing and implementing customized corporate medical plans that align with your company's requirements and budget. Our schemes encompass a wide range of medical and dental benefits.


We offer flexibility and choice by providing schemes with different plan tiers, networks, and copayment options. Our dedicated account servicing team ensures efficient claims processing and reporting, maximizing your satisfaction. We also offer various settlement models, including fee-for-service, capitation fees, and bundled payments, to cater to your unique needs.

Inter-regions cross-panel management

We provide comprehensive network management services, including inter-regions cross-panel management, to optimize their provider network coverage and expand beyond geographical boundaries.

Recruitment and credentialing

We apply rigorous recruitment and credentialing processes to ensure that only qualified providers join our networks.

Service-level identification & composition

We identify the level of services each provider offers based on their capabilities and adjust the composition of panel service supply to optimize performance and patient outcomes.

Healthcare Network Management

At UMP, we maintain a broad network of healthcare providers, offering you flexibility in plan design. With over 1000 medical centers in our network, we can provide comprehensive medical services to your scheme members.

Panel Network Management
  • Recruitment and credentialing
  • Service-level identification and composition
  • Service assessment and investigation
  • Package price negotiation
Claims & Billing Management
  • Cross-border settlement
  • Electronic vouchers and claims statement
  • Claims administration, adjudication, notification and recoveries
  • Medical fraud prevention solutions
  • Direct billing
  • Premium invoicing and collection
  • Data analysis and reporting
Member & Policy Management
  • Customized platform and member accounts
  • Member enrollment
  • Medical card issuance (physical & digital)
  • Policy enrollment and renewal
  • Distribution of policy and benefit schedule
Customer Services & Administrative Management
  • 24/7 trilingual customer support hotline
  • 24/7 medical advisory service
  • Medical virtual care
  • Outpatient and inpatient care management
  • Medical second opinion service
  • House-call doctor service
  • Preauthorization assessment
  • Medical emergency service
  • Hospitalization assistance
  • Co-pay & cashless service
  • Guarantee letter issuance
Third Party Administration (TPA)

UMP offers end-to-end TPA services, including plan design consultation, member enrollment, benefits management, healthcare reimbursement, and claims management. Our technology platform provides real-time visibility of claims, automated authorization, and seamless interfacing with insurers.


Our Administrative Service Organization (ASO) services provide an alternative to TPA, allowing companies to have more control over healthcare operations through streamlined benefits administration and accurate premium reconciliation.

Health & Wellness Platform

Introducing WeWell, our innovative health and wellness digital platform. This points-based loyalty program and mobile app offer a selected range of health and wellness products. Additionally, members have the opportunity to consult with professional nutritionists for in-person guidance and support at our Central location.


Corporations can offer WeWell tokens and vouchers to employees for access to a wide range of health and wellness services and products on the WeWell platform. These valuable employee benefits encourage your staff members to take proactive steps to improve their overall well-being.