Building an Agile and Resilient Business
At UMP, our vision is to become the trusted healthcare partner that preserves and harnesses what is most valuable to our patients, using innovative and socially responsible approaches.

We recognize the significant responsibility we bear as healthcare leaders in promoting sustainable business practices. Our focus lies in prioritizing what truly matters: maintaining the trust of our patients, empowering our employees, enhancing our communities, and safeguarding our planet. By conducting business with integrity, we strive to create lasting value for all our stakeholders.
Our Sustainability Approach
UMP Healthcare is committed to advancing sustainable healthcare practices in Hong Kong. Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our sustainability approach revolves around three fundamental pillars: Health and Well-being, Sustainable Development, and Partnership and Collaboration.
Health and Well-being
  • Provide high-quality healthcare services
  • Promote disease prevention and health education
  • Ensure adequate access to essential medicines
Sustainable Development
  • Harness technology for improved healthcare delivery and patient outcomes
  • Invest in research and development for medical advancement and innovation 
  • Adopt sustainable practices in our operations 
  • Promote community health and well-being 
  • Support sustainable urban planning and development
Partnership and Collaboration
  • Encourage responsible consumption practices among patients and staff
  • Provide education on the environmental impact of healthcare practices 
  • Promote sustainable procurement practices 
  • Advocate for policies supporting healthy lifestyles and sustainable development 
  • Collaborate with organizations, governments, and stakeholders to promote sustainable healthcare practices, knowledge sharing, and expertise exchange
Sustainability is not just a responsibility, but an opportunity to inspire collective action towards a better future. We hope to inspire others to join us in building a more sustainable and healthier world for generations to come.
- Dr. Michael Sun, Vice-Chairman & Co-CEO
Quality Assurance
UMP recognizes its critical role in protecting community health. A "Quality Assurance and Safety Committee" evaluates clinic performance, sets professional standards, manages clinical risk, and promotes continuing professional growth. Comprising seven doctors, the committee develops policies and procedures for the Group's medical and healthcare services.

Our People & Culture

Our employees are invaluable to our success. We prioritize talent attraction, retention, diversity, and inclusion. Through training, volunteering, and creating an appealing workplace, we foster a culture that values our employees' contributions.


We drive innovation within UMP and the healthcare industry, aiming to transform healthcare through creativity, technology adoption, and research collaboration. 

The UMP Healthcare Innov Centre incubates ideas that improve healthcare and make Hong Kong a regional hub for health technology and clinical advancement.

Medical Education & Research
Medical education and research are the foundations of healthcare advancement.

We invest in medical education and research, supporting clinical studies and educating future medical experts. We provide clinical expertise for university research projects and offer hands-on experience to visiting doctors and medical students. Investing in medical study and instruction is crucial to our social responsibility.

Environment & Society

Through corporate social responsibility, we utilize our core competencies to make a positive impact in local communities. We aim to demonstrate that a successful business can generate profits while improving society as a whole.
Environment related
Health related
Society related
"Red Packet Recycling Program" by Greeners Action
"Eco-friendly Day" recycling awards activities
"Trash to Treasure" creative workshop
Charity Foundation
UMP Charity Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to expanding healthcare opportunities for underserved communities. Our mission is to improve access to high-quality healthcare for communities with limited resources. Through the Foundation, we aim to enhance healthcare for those in need and fulfill our mission of promoting better healthcare.

The Foundation was established with the goal of supporting primary healthcare and family medicine education, research, and clinical services. Funding supported various programmes, including the development of training projects and research facilitated by the CUHK Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care, free telemedicine for COVID-19 patients, scholarships for radiography undergraduate students, and more.