Financial Highlights
For the year ended 30 June20232022+/(-)
Operating results (HK$'000)
EBITDA (a)170,533167,1302%
Profit for the year55,73575,231(26%)
Profit attributable to shareholders60,45272,168(16%)
Per share data (HK cents)
Basic earnings per share7.659.34(18%)
Dividends per share - interim1.701.5013%
Dividends per share - proposed final3.003.00-
Dividends per share - total4.704.504%
Key ratios (%)
EBITDA/Revenue23%25%(2% points)
Net profit margin8%11%(3% points)
Return on shareholders' funds8%10%(2% points)
Financial Position (HK$'000)
Cash, bank balances and deposits290,495238,12022%
Net current assets224,413238,336(6%)
Shareholders' funds740,547698,6536%
(a) EBITDA represented profit for the year from continuing operations before interest income, finance cost, income tax expense and depreciation and amortisation.

Basic EPS

Dividend per share

Cash, bank balances and deposits

Shareholders’ Funds