Our Approach
UMP is motivating a better healthcare ecosystem through strategic partnerships.
By collaborating with reputable medical groups, UMP aims to create an extensive network of healthcare providers. This alliance benefits contract payers, providers, and patients by improving accessibility, sharing expertise, and enhancing convenience.
Our Platform of Allied Partners

UMP adopts a strategic and collaborative approach to expand our healthcare network. Rather than solely acquiring other practices, we prioritize partnerships with like-minded medical groups that share our dedication to delivering high-quality, patient-centered care.

By forging alliances with reputable and established service providers, we establish a comprehensive network that benefits contract payers, providers, and patients.

For payers

The alliance network offers increased accessibility and a wider range of choices for their members.

For providers

The platform facilitates the sharing of best practices, access to a larger patient base, and economies of scale.

For patients

The expanded network provides convenience and seamless access to a full spectrum of services, treatments, and specialties.
Through strategic partnerships and collaboration, we leverage the strengths of each provider while preserving their independence and entrepreneurial spirit, which drives healthcare excellence. The result is an extensive network with the depth of services necessary to meet the diverse needs of the communities we serve. Our platform approach fosters growth and success for all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, creating mutual benefits for everyone involved.