Press Release
Press Release
UMP Introduces Artificial Intelligence Technology for Enhanced Chest X-Ray Analysis Efficiency

UMP Healthcare Holdings Limited ("UMP " or the "Group", stock code: 722.HK) is pleased to announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Imsight Technology Company Limited, specialised in providing artificial intelligence (AI) medical imaging analysis solutions. Through this collaboration, UMP will officially implement the DR-Sight AI technology to assist in the examination of chest X-rays at its medical centres. Recognising the extensive application of AI in different industries, the Group acknowledges the potential of utilizing AI-assisted technology to improve healthcare quality and service efficiency.



AI-assisted chest X-ray analysis improves medical efficiency

DR-Sight is an AI-based medical imaging diagnostic assistance technology specifically designed for assessing chest X-rays images. It is used to identify symptoms of various chest diseases, including pneumonia, tuberculosis, pulmonary edema, and pneumothorax, and alert doctors of potential problems. Doctors can conduct more detailed analysis and subsequent diagnosis with these prompts, assisting in the early detection of diseases and facilitating timely and appropriate treatment.


Ms. Jacquen Kwok, Co-CEO of UMP, stated, "UMP has long believed in the importance of medical technology development for patients, and we offer support in a variety of capacities. We are also keen on identifying suitable technology applications for our business and allocating resources to train doctors and healthcare teams, which helps them adapt to new technologies and increases their confidence in usage. We anticipate that the implementation of this AI technology will be well-applied in clinical practice, boosting medical efficiency and benefiting patients in the long run."


Imsight Technology is a technology innovation company based in the Hong Kong Science Park and a member of the Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association (HKMHDIA). Under the MOU framework, UMP will deploy the DR-Sight technology across its medical centres in Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China, with six already in use in Hong Kong. UMP will continue close communication with Imsight Technology, providing feedback on clinical practice based on the usage of frontline healthcare professionals, thereby bringing valuable contributions to the development of medical innovation in Hong Kong.


Mr. Chapman Lee, Director of Imsight Technology, shared, "We are thrilled to collaborate with UMP and engage in various clinical applications to further enhance the relevant technology. Imsight Technology looks forward to future collaborations in alleviating the burden on healthcare professionals through innovation."



Caption: Ms. Jacquen Kwok, Co-CEO of UMP (3rd right) and Mr. Chapman Lee, Director of Imsight Technology (3rd left) took a group photo with Mr. Ronnie Li, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer of UMP (2nd right) and Mr. Patrick Cheung, Chief Investment and Project Officer of UMP (1st right) and witnesses of the signing ceremony, Ms. Kellie Chan, representative of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (2nd left) and Dr. KM Chow, Deputy Chairman of HKMHDIA (1st left).